EasyQuery.NET WebForms 2.9.0

EasyQuery.NET WebForms 2.9.0: EasyQuery.NET WebForms is a user-friendly ASP.NET query builder. EasyQuery.NET WebForms is a user-friendly solution for building database queries. This ASP.NET query builder will make life easier for the users of your ASP.NET applications. With it, they will be able to extract the information from the database that they are looking for. The set of components is also exceptionally easy to use from a developer`s viewpoint as well, providing an efficient and reliable solution.

Nevron Diagram for .NET Q3_2007: Professional Diagram component for .NET applications.
Nevron Diagram for .NET Q3_2007

Nevron Diagram for .NET is a fully managed, extensible and powerful diagramming framework, which can help you create feature rich diagramming solutions in WinForms and WebForms. It has full AJAX support. The product is built on top of the Nevron Presentation Framework and thus provides you with advanced capabilities for stunning visual impact, which you will not find in any other product - including commercial standalone diagramming applications.

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#1 Form Mail Software 2.01

EasyFormIt lets you design your webforms any way you want, asking your visitors as many questions you like. The form submissions are saved in database and emailed to you every time a visitor submits a form. You can make form just in 3 clicks!

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SoftCab Submitter 1.2: Submit your PAD to software acrhives for free. Fill in the webforms automaticall
SoftCab Submitter 1.2

Submit your PAD to software acrhives for free. Fill in the webforms automatically.

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Xcess Colorpicker.Net 1.6.0: Xcess ColorPicker is .NET web server control, Visual colors selection.
Xcess Colorpicker.Net 1.6.0

Xcess ColorPicker is .NET web server control, It can be used on ASP.NET WebForms for adding visual color selection to your web forms by simply dragging the control from your ToolBox, It can be very useful for customization screens to allow users to specify what colors they would like to see. Real time preview, HTML fore color and back color picker and tuner. Access to the hex value or the rvb values.

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VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK 8.0: Imaging SDK for .NET, WPF and WEB to view, edit and print images and PDF.
VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK 8.0

VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK is the impressive imaging library for viewing, editing, converting, printing and saving images (BMP, GIF, Icon, JBIG2, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, RAW) and PDF documents in .NET, WPF and WEB. WinForms, WPF and WebForms controls for viewing images. 90+ image processing functions. Plug-ins allows to: annotate image or PDF files; create, load and edit PDF documents; clean up document images; recognize text from image.

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GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 1.4.0: .NET library for converting between 50+ document and image file formats
GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 1.4.0

A universal document conversion .NET library that allows developers to convert back and forth between over 50 file formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, TXT, RTF, HTML, CAD and raster images. The library is designed as a middleware for easy integration into any .NET app - be it a desktop-based (like console, WinForms, WPF and Windows services) or a web-based (ASP.NET, including WebForms and MVC) app.

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